Mathematics is for Everybody

Looking at how we came to be,

Mathematics, a strange possibility?

One cell, two cells, three cells, four,

Continuously multiplying until many more.

The doctors have now predicted a date.

The mothers are praying the baby isn’t late.

Born on September twenty-third,

That is all mathematics, how absurd!

As we all begin to grow,

Our different sizes begin to show.

We all learn to tell the time,

And learn to trade with a single dime.

But that is only a simple start,

Look at the angles and shapes in art.

We use mathematics in a creative design.

Oblivious math geniuses at the age of nine.

Now we have all advanced in age,

And get to the “I’m not good at math” stage.

But honestly, that is not nearly true,

Just look at what we all can do.

The simple daily activity,

Of working out where we need to be.

You use the time, speed, and distance,

All of this without assistance.

Next, you want to bake a cake,

You measure the ingredients, without a mistake.

The oven is set to a certain degree,

For the next twenty minutes, you are free.

Using this time to catch up on sport,

While betting your money on the team you support.

Your team is winning like the probability predicted,

So, the money you’ll make is unrestricted.

Therefore, my friend, I don’t need to go on,

About how it is used in writing a song,

Or used to build a simple box,

Or in sewing a pair of crazy socks,

Or used in reciting your phone number,

Or evenly slicing a tasty cucumber.

All in all, you can clearly see,

Mathematics is for everybody.

Isabella G Spies

Second year BSc: biomedical mathematical sciences student at Stellenbosch University

Empire of winds was inspired by the song of the same name by “Alpine Universe” and partly by the associated documentary trailer. This poem speaks of the primal forces of the Earth which shape existence unseen and how these forces possess a spirit which speaks to the soul, whom craves healing, compassion, and freedom. It may also speak of sailing, channeling the two mediums of the world through a vessel bound with the task of passage, safe guarding of souls, bringing aid and chasing freedom. It speaks of having awe for elements as old as time while being beyond ones control which invite the traveler to journey.

Illustration done by Neil Mellet

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