Dear Mathematics

Dear mathematics, you are ruining my life.

I am seriously considering becoming a housewife.

Besides who actually wants to help you find your “x”

I think that’s a problem I am going to pass to the next.

Dear mathematics, you clearly did not understand,

I am giving up… I’m letting go of your hand.

Please stop showing in all my daily work.

Quite frankly, you are being such a jerk.

Dear mathematics, stop following me around,

I can see you everywhere, even if you don’t make a sound.

You definitely should qualify as some sort of stalker,

And maybe I should approach you, I bet you are a talker.

Dear mathematics you are beginning to make sense.

But why are all your problems always super tense?

I try my best to find the solutions to all your little questions.

Please help me! Give me some suggestions!

Dear mathematics, you helped me the other day,

You showed up in my thoughts when I didn’t know what to say.

Everyone around me was shocked to their core,

When I could answer questions I didn’t know before.

Dear mathematics, this is difficult for me to admit,

But our relationship is improving and I’m ready to commit. 

However, I still don’t understand why you are always needing assistance.

I will help you out more often, but for now from a distance.

Dear mathematics, you have really stolen my heart.

Even if I didn’t like at the very start.

I have decided I would like you to stay in my life,

Even if I do end up becoming a housewife.

Isabella G Spies

Second year BSc: biomedical mathematical sciences student at Stellenbosch University

Empire of winds was inspired by the song of the same name by “Alpine Universe” and partly by the associated documentary trailer. This poem speaks of the primal forces of the Earth which shape existence unseen and how these forces possess a spirit which speaks to the soul, whom craves healing, compassion, and freedom. It may also speak of sailing, channeling the two mediums of the world through a vessel bound with the task of passage, safe guarding of souls, bringing aid and chasing freedom. It speaks of having awe for elements as old as time while being beyond ones control which invite the traveler to journey.

Illustration done by Neil Mellet

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