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We are Wisaarkhu, a vibrant global community that transcends disciplines, statuses, and generations, united in our mission to transform the image of mathematics and academia.

Understanding mathematics gives people a positive edge to do well, whoever they are and wherever they live. We are unveiling the hidden beauty and power of mathematics, that will empower you to excel in every endeavor you pursue.

Join us on this journey of discovery and unlock the limitless possibilities that mathematics has to offer. When you help to spread the word about Wisaarkhu, you also help us to make mathematics more accessible. 

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The Stigma Around Mathematics

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It was a great experience to read and edit some excellent and thought-provoking articles for this issue. I hope to continue to be a part of this wonderful team.

— Dr. Neeraja Sahasrabudhe

Who are we?

The Wisaarkhu aims to make advanced contemporary mathematics and related research more accessible to a broader community of students. While Wisaarkhu seeks to inspire interest, it also emphasizes inclusivity, diversity, and support. The global Wisaarkhu community transcends disciplines, status, and generations.

Ever since Galileo Galilei (1564 – 1642) first said that mathematics is the ‘language of the universe’ it has been shown repeatedly, but often not emphasized enough, that an understanding of mathematics helps people to excel in every endeavor. We highlight this in our work, but what really makes us unique is the way in which we also stress the hidden beauty and power of mathematics.

We firmly believe that acquiring mathematical skills is not only valuable in itself, but essential for success in many fields. We believe it is very important to ensure that everyone understands the power of mathematics and is given the opportunity to develop maths skills.

To support the messages of the Wisaarkhu, we also arrange relevant events.
Please see our https://wisaarkhu.co.za/events/ page for more details.

When you help to spread the word about Wisaarkhu, you also help us to make mathematics more accessible.

Changing the image of mathematics

Mathematics is often portrayed as a hard, scary, and elitist subject. The idea that it is not for everyone creates ‘maths anxiety’ and other negative perceptions.

These perceptions are often reinforced among children because of the way mathematics is introduced to them. Often the subject is taught without meaning, and teaching methods often focus solely on calculations without also conveying appreciation and enthusiasm for the broader values that mathematics brings to daily lives and society as a whole.

Because mathematics is often seen negatively and taught in a way that leaves many people lacking important skills, we at Wisaarhku aim to help change some of the attitudes towards maths that hamper our personal and professional growth.

In short: understanding mathematics gives people a positive edge to do well, whoever they are and wherever they live.

What to appreciate about maths?

It is important that people appreciate from a young age that:

• Mathematics is an integral part of our lives. It shapes the way we understand and navigate the world. It can be seen as part of nature, forms part of the backbone of music, and is reflected in artworks and literature. It supports the development of technology and is as important for our cultural development as it is for financial systems, engineering, architecture, manufacturing, transport, communication and more: indeed, for all aspects of human endeavour.

• Mathematics is not the domain of the super-clever or rich or small groups of specialist researchers. It is a discipline that helps to empower individuals of all backgrounds and ages to develop essential skills, think critically, and solve complex problems in whatever career they choose.

• Mathematics has wide-ranging impacts on society as a whole. A math-literate society fosters innovation, and an understanding of the importance of maths helps to drive economic growth and address global challenges such as poverty, climate change and inequality.

By embracing the power of mathematics together, we can create a brighter future for all.

How do we at Wisaarkhu help to drive meaningful change?

Altering deeply-ingrained negative perceptions takes time and effort.

Wisaarkhu’s aim is to work towards changes in perceptions, among others by reaching people on an emotional level. We focus, for instance, on showing how mathematics is incorporated in music, art, poetry, fairy tales and literature in general. A transformative shift requires learning from various disciplines and cultures, while fostering conversations that include diverse perspectives.

At Wisaarkhu we believe in cross-cultural efforts and in creating a powerful and lasting impacts.

By blending mathematics with expressive forms of human creativity, we see our role as conveying the message of the wide-ranging impact of mathematics.

Importantly, we believe our work can support enthusiasm among all sectors of society to learn mathematics skills.

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