Mathematics as a science, and during a pandemic (VIDEO)

Dr. Vaibhav Vaish is a researcher (specialising in Algebraic Geometry) and a teacher of mathematics at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali . Having had a long convoluted journey to the subject (that began with the mathematical olympiads, but passed through electrical/electronics engineering, computer science, and briefly even the world of finance) he has an off-centric, perhaps eccentric view of the subject. He will be talking generally about why mathematics is a science, on the boundary-less nature of the subject, and more specifically about what it can mean during a pandemic.
Illustration by Nino Mekanarishvili
Illustration by Liani Malherbe

Dr. Vaibhav Vaish

Researcher and a teacher of mathematics

by Nandan Malhotra
Meme by Nandan Malhotra

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