How we can break the stigma that mathematics has an exclusively Eurocentric origin and authority in our world

Illustration by Nino Mekanarishvili

Bringing inclusiveness and more anti-racism ideas into our classrooms is something that can no longer be avoided. There is an urgency in broadening our ongoing discussions in math equity with actual mathematics from various cultures, races, and civilizations. In this session we will explore ways in which we can learn the real stories that will ignite a deeper interest and enrich our understanding of mathematics.

Illustration by Liani Malherbe

What can we say about the myth of being good or bad at maths?

How do we start bringing inclusive history into our math classes?

Can we desigmatize mathematics bringing history into our classes?

How do teachers contribute to the stigma around mathematics?

Can we combine well being and a mathematics career?

How to humanize mathematics allowing ourselves to make mistakes?

Why is there a problem of gender in mathematics?

What is the place of antiracism discussions in a maths class?

What is the place of the parents in math education?

What is the importance of the teacher abilities in learning maths?

What are the signs of racism in the classroom?

Sunil Singh

Teacher, author, storyteller

Math History/Storyteller; Consultant at Amplify; Content Creator at Mathigon; Online Teacher at Dexter Learning; President of the Board of Directors, Human Restoration Project; National and International Speaker; Co-Editor at Q.E.D.; Author of “Pi of Life: Hidden Happiness of Mathematics” and co-author of “Math Recess.” Next book, “Chasing Rabbits: A Curious Guide to a Lifetime of Mathematical Wellness,” will have a foreword written by Jo Boaler.

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Shaun Hudson-Bennett

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