Dreamer’s Sight

I was blind before I could see 

I walked in the shadow of giants before I could see 

Yet I could dream so vividly 


I built a world within my dreams 

Of things I could not explain or see 

And so I wondered, drifting through reality 


I was blind before I could see 

Surrounded by a world I could not see 

Yet I could dream worlds into reality 


I was lost before I could see 

I lacked the language through which I may see

Yet I could dream so vividly


I was found before I could see 

A single soul guided me 

To a land numbers made reality  


For I was given a way to see 

I may now journey the worlds I see 

My thoughts into reality 

Tristan Barnard

BSc Wood & Wood Product Science,

The above was written slightly from my own experience in how having someone as a guide to lead you out of disaster and into actualisation has an inherent beauty as well as being a founding pillar on which society is built. The idea of: “in my journey, I have suffered, lived, loved and made mistakes and this experience shall shepherd those I hold dear away from the folly I had succumbed to”. 

Illustration done by Neil Mellet

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