Mathematics is Everywhere

by Tristan Barnard
Illustration by Tristan Barnard
π λ σ
One plus one,
Calculations you make throughout your age.
Halving a recipe, scheming your change,
Or imagining the right angle to hit a tennis ball, a common topic is shared.
Ω α β
The seamless symbolism displayed in art, the pyramids in Giza still stand,
Due to the mathematics in its foundation,
Gluing together the atoms of life.
To the moments of confusion and utter stress, when nothing seems to make any sense,
Two plus three will still be equal to five.
The precise feelings emanating from my core doubling each day we spend together.
How many possibilities are there for the things we could do together?
The limit does not exist.
To remembering my Exes and all I could think was Y,
Then, I realized we were two parallel lines that unintentionally crossed pathways.
√ X ÷
The mere calculation performed in surgery has power over the life and death of the sedated fella.
From the incision in your abdomen to the dosage of penicillin,
One plus one has to equal to two and,
Integrating our struggles with respect to time, between our birth and death, is equal to Life.
θ γ μ

Photograph by Sophie Marques

Sidumiso Sijabuliso Vuma

Bsc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology,

Winner of the contest, Mathematics is Everywhere at SU

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