Humanizing the Math Experience (VIDEO/Interview)

Illustration by Nino Mekanarishvili

For many people, math has become inaccessible because it has often been taught in a dehumanized way. This is unfortunate because people then label themselves as either “a math person” or “not a math person,” and it unnecessarily creates a stigma around mathematics. What if we could change that? How do we humanize the math experience and remove the stigma around mathematics? There are surprisingly simple answers to this question, and these solutions can have a profound impact on how math can be used to connect humans to each other and to the world around them.

Illustration by Liani Malherbe

Which Comes First, Intuition Or Procedural?

How Can We Develop Intuition?

Can We Teach Time Tables To A 17 Year Old?

Why Is It Important To Make Mathematics Familiar To The Student?

How Do We Make More Abstract Mathematics Accessible?

How Do You Win Over Skeptical Students?

How Can Older Students Help Younger Ones? What Do We Do With Kids With Dyscalculia?

How Long Did It Take You To Come Up With These Methods?

Randy Palisoc

Educator and TEDx Speaker

TEDx Speaker.
Educator for 23 years at the elementary, middle school, high school, and college levels.
Founder of the seven-time national award-winning Synergy Academies.
Curriculum Designer and Professional Development Specialist.
Known for making math easy

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