Currus Infernum

Hell’s chariots 


Dulce et decorum est 

Pro patria mori


Silence has fallen across reality  

As cold blankets the lands of man 

When love flees the hearts of brothers 

Tempests shattered by wings of chaos 

The wild hunt is set free upon all 

Young men shall be sacrificed 


A dread storm rises on winds of hate 

Circles bound by iron and blood  

Man and machine, together shall ride 


The void shall claim us all 

Yet bravery will marks us all 


Outboard, inboard ignitions primed 

Heart beats marching to fading miles 

Thunder of mechanical drums

Man the soul of mechanical wings 

Iron leviathans take to the winds 

To the east their chariots ride 


The burning winds of hell make chase  

Darkness cloaking chaos’s approach 

Moon and stars fade from halos above  

Tendrils of lighting reach to the heavens 

Fires irrupt on lands bellow 

Fires irrupt in skies above 


Look to your left as brothers irrupt in flames 

Look to your right as Icarus blazes 

Look to the front, approaching even horizon 

The death song shall sing you 

Yet Phenix rises on prayers of bravery 

A blazing fortress, besieged and defiant 


Old girl, deliver me from deaths embrace  

Old girl, protect me from harms embrace 

Old girl, carry me home to those who love me 


Behold Icarus, returning home 

Slipping from the death songs embrace 

Yet never to be the same again 


Those who were sacrificed 

Shall forever live on as heroes 

Never to fade away

Let the age old lie die  


It is sweet and fitting 

To die for one’s country

Tristan Barnard

BSc Wood & Wood Product Science,

This last poem is the opposite to Mercy and reference the cruelty that human beings are capable of by describing or creating a story around the bomber pilots of World War 2. Human history seems shaped by our extremes and as such by conflict and thus it has effected us all in ways unseen and affected families in ways unseen and so I wished to pay homage to all those men and women who sacrificed for us all.

Illustration done by Neil Mellet

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