Illustration by Christine Marques

Our complex relationship
may be hard to grasp
upon first glance,
but we love it still
through the long distances
and space between.
Where we find ourselves
on this Riemann sphere called
leaves lots of longing for love
half the world away.
The product of our love
projected deeply into
roots that unify our souls
and hearts.
Laughter, tears, comfort and care;
everyone knows these are there.

Maybe the flat thinkers
had it right all along,
and yet here we are still:
polar opposite coordinate
What sin did we commit
to deserve this separation
and what would it cost
to solve our desperation?
Dreaming of that day
you are waiting at the station…
when I walk through those doors
into your loving embrace:
our sum restored;
our scars healed;
and our lives finally whole.

Lourens van Niekerk

BSc Mathematics Honours,

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