A Simple Structure

In the subtle hum of all that is around a thread of song emerges tangling itself in the infinite sound of the structure from which it surges

As beings, we are drawn to it and we seek to entangle ourselves too to turn our minds into meaning without words and become one with the sounds of the world

We find in it a certain beauty that resonates deep within a harmony that speaks to our duty to understand the world we’re in

For through the patterns and the order we glimpse a truth that’s pure and we feel our spirits grow broader as we fall ever deeper into its lure 

So let us embrace this music of thought let us dance to its rhythm divine for through its melody we uncover a glimpse of the universal design

Carlyle Stewart

3rd year Bsc Physics Stellenbosh university

Empire of winds was inspired by the song of the same name by “Alpine Universe” and partly by the associated documentary trailer. This poem speaks of the primal forces of the Earth which shape existence unseen and how these forces possess a spirit which speaks to the soul, whom craves healing, compassion, and freedom. It may also speak of sailing, channeling the two mediums of the world through a vessel bound with the task of passage, safe guarding of souls, bringing aid and chasing freedom. It speaks of having awe for elements as old as time while being beyond ones control which invite the traveler to journey.

Illustration done by Neil Mellet

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